Let Go and Embrace Change

Let Go and Embrace Change

Let go and embrace change.  It sounds so easy, but it’s not.  How many times have you been thrown a curve ball when you least expected it? Losing your job, divorce an unexpected health emergency, death of a loved one, family estrangements and more — all these can be devastating, scary and unexpected. There is an enormous adjustment to make, mainly because things are different and you are in a new situation you never experienced before. How can you find your peace so you can deal with the complexities of your new challenge?

Embrace Change

First and foremost, let go of the fear and worry of what will be. Take each day as it comes. This is probably not the first time you’ve had to deal with change.  Looking back though, you got through it. Tap into your reserve of strength that got you through the last time.  You should know you can get through it again and maybe even again, after this.

The key to embracing change is to not fight it, but to go with the flow. Look at all your options and don’t be afraid to try different resources. Talk to people who have overcome similar challenges, seek support from friends and family, and rely on your determination to get through whatever lies ahead. Things may look hopeless, but time really does give you a new perspective on things.

When you have to decide what to do NOW, you are probably confronted with the question, What road should I take?  The answer to this is simply any road. Understand that any decision you make is the right one for now and that you will learn some lessons along the way. If it turns out that this road was not right, then you try another path. The point is, to not do anything, is worse than making a bad decision.

Therefore, be willing to embrace change and make mistakes. As long as you don’t let the consequences of those mistakes define who you are permanently. Mistakes are really stepping stones for your continued growth. Be willing to embrace the choices you make as part of your path to achieving your new and exciting destination.

Written By: Amy Sherman, Baby Boomers’ Network

Amy Sherman is an author, Dating & Relationship Coach and the founder of the Baby Boomers’ Network, a website dedicated to helping boomers transition through the challenges of midlife.

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