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June 2024 – What’s Happening

Holidays and Fun Local Events

Welcome to June 2024! As we enter summer, we encourage you to try new things and expand your horizons. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities or prefer cozy indoor pursuits, there are numerous opportunities to explore and enjoy in our area. At DAWN, we are committed to helping you prioritize self-care and take full advantage of the many recreational options available to you. So, why wait? Seize all the exciting experiences this June 2024 waiting for you right now!

Summer has arrived in Michigan, bringing a variety of exciting events and activities. June 2024 is packed with events such as Dinosauria and the Detroit Zoo, African American Festival, Motor City Pride Festival, Farmers Market and Art Fairs. There are also great activities for kids. Don’t forget to check out local job fairs too! These events and activities are sure to keep you busy, but we’ve also provided some helpful articles on parenting, divorce, and finances. Let’s embrace the summer season with style, fun, and a month to remember.

Check out what’s going on in Southeast Michigan this June!

Dinosauria at the Detroit Zoo

The zoo brings you an immersive walk-through experience that will take you back in time to the prehistoric era. Here, you will see 34 life-like animatronic dinosaurs, including a towering, 65-foot-long Brachiosaurus! There will also be a new, T-Rex photo opp this year.

Ann Arbor African American Festival

This annual fest features live music, dance performances, magic show, vendor booths and more. Also, a kids corner.


Motor City Pride Festival and Parade at Hart Plaza in Detroit

Motor City Pride is known as Michigan’s largest pride celebration with over 50,000 participants in their pride events. Festival-goers gather here yearly to celebrate the LGBTQIA community at this weekend event. The parade portion will take place on Sunday at this summer festival.


Health, Shopping, Fitness – Time For You

Mt. Clemons Farmers Market

Shop items such as eggs, honey, maple syrup, herbs, bedding plants, hanging baskets, vegetable plants, baked goods, spinach and coffee.

Palmer Park Art Fair

Check out artwork by artists from all over the country, meet authors, enjoy music, eat at specialty food booths and enjoy family activities at this annual.

Work, Career, and Money

Switching from two incomes to one is always a difficult adjustment and because we care we have some resources for you to check out.  This is because we can help you move in a direction of greater financial stability.  We’ve even added a few places because we want to help you search for a new job.

Maximize Your Skills

Maximize Your Skills When Re-Entering the Workforce

Many women have to return to work after going through a divorce. This can be a very scary transition for some especially if it has been a while since working. The field that you once thrived in may have experienced a lot of change. Or maybe you would like to start something entirely new.

Career Events: Sales Jobs Connect

Search for virtual job fairs, local meetings, all handled in a safe and efficient manner. Now is the time to hunt for a new job. There are tons of job opportunities. Examine your skill sets and strengths and browse what local events and career path might suit you this August 2022!


There is no perfect parent and going through a divorce or suffering the after effects can be overwhelmingSo, here is an article with some proactive ways to adjust to the new life of single parenting and some tips to help you and your kids get through divorce.

Parenting Through a Divorce

Parenting Through a Divorce

Whether an adult or child, adjusting through a divorce takes time. It’s hardest for everyone during the first year, when changes are new. Parenting through a divorce is the time to protect your children from whatever adverse conditions the divorce may impact.

Kids Komotion Concert Series

Join Marshbank Park for some free, musical fun at Kids Komotion Concerts, which feature interactive children’s entertainment and inflatables. There will be snacks and refreshments available to purchase.

Just For You

We know it’s hard to make life changing choices, but we are here to fight for you and your rights because we care.  Schedule a FREE consultation today and take to first step in moving forward in your new life.


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