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Do I Need a Family Lawyer? Here are 30 Reasons Why You Should Hire One.

Family lawyers specialize in family law matters. Most family law matters have to do with issues such as divorce, child custody, support, parenting time, wills, trusts, and more. We exist to help navigate family matters that cannot be handled independently in an organized manner.

Family law attorneys can help you handle all the big decisions that need to be made, protect your legal rights, while protecting your interests in court proceedings and settlement negotiations. Here are 30 reasons why you should consider hiring a family law attorney.

1. Courtroom Experience

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to litigation. Family law attorneys have spent a significant portion of their careers in the courtroom arguing divorce cases. This experience gives them unparalleled insight into what tactics opposing attorneys will pursue and how judges will react to various arguments and evidence.

2. Objective Advice

Even if you’re the party who is initiating the divorce action, chances are that you are experiencing some very deep emotional turmoil concerning the matter. Having a family law attorney in your corner means that you have a professional who can offer objective, fact- and experience-based advice regarding your divorce.

3. Child Custody Protection

Child custody is an often difficult and contentious topic. Child custody can be a messy affair. Having a good family lawyer is necessary to ensure a smooth child custody transition.

4. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements and Protection

Pre- and post-nuptial agreements are documents detailing which party gets what during and after a divorce. A couple creates a pre-nuptial agreement prior to a marriage.

5. Alimony/Spousal Support

Another issue that family law lawyers often must contend with is that of alimony and spousal support. Some states have laws in place regulating the amount of spousal support depending on varying factors.

6. Child Support Expertise

The Family Lawyer will make sure the court has all the information it needs to calculate the appropriate amount. The idea of child support is to ensure that the child or children in question receive the number of financial resources they likely would have enjoyed had both parents been living together under the same roof.

7. Keep you Safe

When you feel you have been mistreated by your partner, you can have an attorney help you observe the precautions you need to follow to keep you and your children safe.

8. Writing Estate Plans and Wills

Wills and Estates can get messy and cause unwanted stress and arguments. Family lawyers manage legal issues within the family. When drafting estate plans and wills, it’s important to have an attorney present to keep the records of the will.

9. Peace of Mind

Family issues can be extremely stressful, especially while trying to maintain balance at home. Worrying about adhering to deadlines and other dates and paperwork causes uncertainty. Hiring a family law attorney allows you to handle urgent issues at home, while your lawyer takes care of all the legal matters.

10. Guardianship Support

Choosing to have a guardian for a family member can be a lengthy and confusing process. Without a family lawyer, we know you might get lost in the sea of paperwork a guardianship requires. To make sure that guardianship is done correctly, a family lawyer is a great option.

11. Financial Security

When you hire a family law attorney, you’ll have legal fees to pay for those services. However, hiring an attorney can ensure that you’re financially savvy and often ends up saving you money in the long run.

12. Experience Working with Other Lawyers

An experienced family law attorney can deal effectively with opposing counsel. From the early exchange of information, through settlement negotiations, to family court, lawyers speak the same language. Trust your attorney to be able to work effectively to resolve differences.

13. Organization

Keeping everything as organized as possible is just as important as focusing on the legal issue. It can be stressful and challenging to keep everything together especially all the legal paperwork and deadlines. An attorney will keep track of everything and make you aware of important dates and deliverables.

14. Filing Documents Correctly

When defending yourself in a court of law, it is critical to have all the proper legal documents and other evidence to support your case. These types of documentation and legal procedures could help decide the outcome of the case. Furthermore, a lawyer will know what you are entitled to, mitigating the need for you to argue your case in court.

15. Protecting Parenting Time

Parenting time refers to the amount of time each parent spends with the child(ren). Decisions about parenting time made by the court are based on the best interest of the child(ren). Having an experienced attorney by your side will give you the support you need to protect your parenting time rights.

16. Open and Honest Opinion

Your attorney should always approach your case with your best interest in mind. They will listen and provide open and honest opinion without judgment which can be hard for family and friends.

17. Prenup Agreements

If you or your spouse are bringing in pre-owned assets then having a family law attorney prepare an f you or your spouse are bringing in pre-owned assets then having a family law attorney prepare an agreement before getting married is something that should be considered to protect wealth.

18. Avoid Future Regret

When an issue isn’t properly addressed in the order the first time, it leads to another argument between the parties. In essence, it reignites the tension and causes disruption to the family all over again. Get it right the first time with the legal support you need.

Historically, family law and divorce for same-sex couples has been a complicated area due to substantial differences between states in recognizing same-sex marriage, but now it is lawful in every state.  Your family law attorney will ensure that those same legal rights are upheld in a court of law.

20. Protecting You if the Other Party Has Representation

Hiring a family law attorney is also important when going to court, as the other party may have representation with copious amounts of legal knowledge to fall back on. Furthermore, the other party will be more prepared to go before the judge due to the legal counsel provided to them by the attorney.

Although hiring a lawyer is a significant expense, it can be even more expensive if you choose to defend yourself. For example, if you end up losing your case, you may be paying more in alimony or other expenses to the opposing party or receiving less. A family law attorney will be able to argue your case to get you the money that you deserve, while paying less money to the opposing party or receiving more.

22. Experts and Experience

When a divorcing couple has wealth, a family business, or extensive property, a family law attorney may bring in experts. Having a team of experts and consultants could make or break the case.

23. Bully Prevention

Often when a party makes outlandish threats it’s out of frustration with the situation. Otherwise, it can be an attempt to intimidate or based on a complete misunderstanding of the law. Without a family law attorney, it’s difficult to know if these threats could be true or not. You may be tempted to give in to demands so that you don’t risk the other party’s threats becoming reality. A family lawyer, however, can hold the other party accountable, and make sure you don’t get forced into something unfair.

Family law is complicated. For example, you must study hundreds of statues, stay abreast of changes and the legal climate, and know the outcomes of past court cases. Therefore, it’s easy to see how someone could get taken advantage of when the other party is making threatening claims.

25. Efficiency

An attorney’s knowledge and experience, familiarity with court procedures and policies, and access to several resources allow him or her to do things in less time than it would take you.

26. Post Judgment Modifications Support

If a substantial change occurs in relation to spousal support, child support, custody or parenting time following the entry of the final order, then the parties can file a motion to change the current order. Custody, parenting time and child support can always be modified based on proper cause or change of circumstances. A family law lawyer will know exactly what to do and provide the support needed.

27. Failure to Comply with Court Order

Family law attorneys are familiar with the trials and tribulations that can result in contempt of the court for failure to follow the court’s orders. This can happen at any time with divorce, custody, or child support matters. While a court order should keep things in line, people frequently try to side-step court orders.

28. Support and Stress Relief

An experienced family law attorney has most likely appeared before judges within your community. They will know what the judge prefers and to what is required to file documents properly within the local court system to keep things moving along smoothly.

30. Resources

Our attorneys can refer you to the best therapists, accountants, mortgage brokers, appraisers, financial advisors, Social Security disability lawyers and personal injury lawyers

We are Always Here to Help

Family law attorneys handle a variety of issues all of which can cause stress, confusion, additional expenses and so much more if you don’t have family law experience, the benefits of hiring a lawyer to support you throughout your case. Call us contact us at (888)772-DAWN (3296) or (248)723-9503 or schedule a free consultation to discuss your family law needs.

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