Maximize Your Skills When Re-Entering the Workforce

Maximize Your Skills When Re-Entering the Workforce

Many women have to return to work after going through a divorce. This can be a very scary transition for some especially if it has been a while since working. The field that you once thrived in may have experienced a lot of change. Or maybe you would like to start something entirely new. Perhaps, the best route may be online education before re-entering the workforce. For example, enrolling in an online MBA program would be a great way to get a foot in the door with a business, while allowing the convenience to still being home and taking care of the household.

Here are some tips from our guest blogger that will help make re-entering the workforce a little easier.

Identify Your Skills

Today’s career market is a very different environment for those re-entering the workforce. Many of the skills valued 20-25 years ago are outdated and often women don’t have the formal qualifications their competitors have, so I encourage women to think creatively.

When developing your resume, look at raising your family as running a small business. Your skill base may now include:

  • Finance management and budgetary skills
  • Capital expenditure decision making
  • Expertise in time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Negotiation skills
  • A willingness to do tasks others often don’t want to do.

In addition, look at your involvement with school and sporting associations, community clubs etc. and the skills obtained here. Remember, just because no payment was forthcoming doesn’t mean these skills are less important, but you will need to provide substantive examples. This renewed confidence gives you a great opportunity to either obtain or work towards the roles you are looking for.

Finally, what you want to do on returning to the workforce may be very different to your previous roles. Identifying skills developed over the years in between will give you choices – and isn’t that what we all want!

Written By: Michelle Everingham, Life Balance Coach, Designs On Life

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