Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before Serving Your Spouse Divorce Papers

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before Serving Your Spouse Divorce Papers

In the shadow of a failing marriage and the accompanying emotional pain, divorce is often the only solution to a better life. It is a very consequential decision to make and one that should not be taken lightly. Before a woman files for divorce, she should ask herself seven key questions.

Seven Questions to Ask Before Filing for Divorce

  1. Has my marriage broken down to the point that it cannot be saved?
  2. If I divorce my husband, do I have a realistic plan for myself so that I will be in a position to provide for my needs and those of my children?
  3. Will my family and friends support me in this decision?
  4. How will my life improve after I am divorced?
  5. Is there enough income and property to allow me to maintain a similar or even better lifestyle as one household becomes two?
  6. How easily do I adapt to change?
  7. Do I have good knowledge of our financial affairs?

These questions should not be asked, however, until you have been educated as to your rights and the remedies available to you in a divorce situation. Then, you can answer these questions understanding what will be available to you by way of support and property settlement. A consultation with one of our divorce attorneys will fill this need.

If you’ve made the decision to file for divorce, start by being an advocate for yourself.  Our family law and divorce attorneys are here to help you.  Attend one of our free educational seminars or call and speak with one of our divorce lawyers.

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