How to Cope with your First Family Vacation After Divorce

How to Cope with your First Family Vacation After Divorce

A divorce is not just an emotionally draining event. It is a challenging process since the changes it brings to your family continue to affect it for years.

After the last papers have been signed it may seem that you all need a vacation but this can also be wrought with difficulties due to the aforementioned changes.

To help you cope with your first family vacation as a single mother keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Do not let memories of past family vacations with your ex-ruin your present holiday. Focus on the moment and be grateful for what you still have in your life. If your budget has changed, begin new family traditions to avoid comparing the type of vacations you could afford as a two-income household with the ones you can as a single mother. For example, if you previously vacationed in exotic locations abroad, begin touring local theme parks or museums to create new memories.
  2. Deal with feelings of guilt and failure by forgiving yourself for anything you may have done that may have contributed to the divorce so that you can enjoy your vacation and help your children enjoy it as well. If the feelings are overwhelming, share them with confidants like your therapist, friends or parents and not your children.
  3. Vacation with your siblings and their families if they have children who are the same age as yours so that you get some emotional support as you adjust to your new life. Playing with their cousins will also help your children realize that not everything has changed for the worse in their lives.
  4. Do not do anything that will break your custody rules and visitation schedules since your ex-spouse may choose to capitalize on your oversight and make life more difficult for you. Therefore ensure that you have all the necessary permissions and documentation from your ex before you pay any vacation related expense.

Written by Marian Kim, Rust Built, Marketing Services

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