Five Powerful Stress Reducing Tips to Help You Through Life Changes

Five Powerful Stress Reducing Tips to Help You Through Life Changes

The one constant in life is change. A change may be sudden or it may be something that you have been expecting. It can be a happy, exciting event or it can be a scary family or health emergency. Either way, it’s stressful. Your body will react to all stress in the same way.

There are some important self-care basics that you need to keep in mind to help reduce your stress and handle whatever changes life throws at you.

1) Call a halt to doing anything that is not an absolute priority. You need your focus and attention on the life changes that you are experiencing. This means saying no to any and all extras that will drain your attention and energy.

2) Make rest a priority. This could mean asking people for help so that you can get a good night’s sleep or taking breaks during the day to just sit and rest. If you are able, take short naps to refresh.

3) Eat healthy foods. When we are tired and stressed we will crave carbohydrates and foods that are not good for us. Resist. You need powerful foods to give you strength and energy. Take the time for meals and healthy snacks.

4) Stay hydrated with plenty of water and limit your alcohol and caffeine intake. That can be a challenge because if you are trying to keep going, you may want extra caffeine, and if you are stressed you may want to unwind with an alcoholic beverage. Limit both of these and your body will stay strong through all situations.

5 ) Most importantly, breathe. Taking the time for some deep breathing throughout your day is a simple yet powerful stress reducing strategy. Take a deep breath in through your nose, all the way down to your diaphragm and then gently exhale through your mouth, emptying out all the stale air. Do this often and post reminders to yourself if necessary.

Keeping your stress reduced during hectic and challenging times is not always easy, but it is important. You will not be able to take care of anyone else and or any situation if you are exhausted and stressed. Paying attention to your needs is an absolute priority. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel good after you’ve weathered the storm?

Written by: Diana Fletcher, Writer, Life Coach, Speaker, Diana Fletcher Life Coaching

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