Are YOU Your Own Top Priority During Divorce? You Should Be!


When I fly and hear the safety instruction “fix your own oxygen mask to your face, start breathing normally, THEN AND ONLY THEN can you turn your attention to helping others”, I always think about much more than flight safety. The concept that you need to look after yourself first in times of crisis is critical for your own health and well-being. If you do not prioritize looking after yourself, you may quickly become a liability to those around you…. Read More >

Dealing with Summer when Divorcing

"Summer" ; written in the sand on the beach blue waves in the baSummer can be a particularly stressful period for parents who are going through a divorce or have just finalized theirs. These months can also be traumatic for their children as they try to adjust physically and emotionally to living in different households…. Read More >

How To Spot Signs Your Relationship Could Be in Trouble

We’ve all had the feeling before. A feeling of sadness and doubt. You’re not sure if your relationship is just in a slump, or if it’s going to be over fairly soon. What you do know is that your relationship is in trouble, and you aren’t sure if it’s real trouble, or just something that’s going to blow by. Whatever your personal case may be, there’s typically a few signs that signify the end of a relationship. If your relationship has a few of the factors listed below, chances are things may be taking a turn for the worse. Let’s now begin by taking a look at a few of the main
your relationship may be crumbling apart.

#1: You’re not happy:

The feeling of immense joy a relationship brings you at first is indescribable for most. This period, called the Honeymoon stage, doesn’t last forever, but you should still feel happy when you’re with your partner. If you spend time with them and just feel like going home and being alone, chances are you aren’t in love anymore. You should want to be around your partner every chance you get. If you don’t like spending time with them now, how will you feel spending the rest of your lives with them? If you aren’t happy in your relationship, it’s a huge sign that your relationship may be over soon.

#2: You argue about everything:

Every couple has arguments, even the strongest, most long-term couples. What they don’t do, is argue about everything that bothers them. Relationships need to have some push and shove. You need to give your partner some leeway, and they need to give you some back. If you end up fighting about what’s on TV, who’s cooking dinner, or other petty things like that, it’s a clear sign your relationship is coming close to an end.

#3: You don’t put effort in anymore:

This goes for both people in a relationship. You should want to make your partner feel great. You can do this in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s making a fancy dish, wearing nice clothes, or surprising them in the bedroom, you should still feel like putting forth an effort to make your partner happy. If you, or your partner have no desire left to please each other, then your relationship is surely coming to an end.

#4: You no longer see a future with them:

The biggest indicator of a relationship that’s sure to fail in the near future is that you no longer see a future with your partner. If you can’t see yourself being with this person for a long time, why be with them in the first place? If you truly feel like there’s no future between the two of you, it’s a strong sign to end things sooner, rather than later.

If your relationship matches up with a few of these signs listed above, the easy option is to cry or think about your
. This won’t make things better though. Try talking to your partner about the issues you face, and try to fix them. If the problems between you two aren’t alleviated within a few weeks, you should probably end things. There’s billions of fish in the sea, and you don’t have to stay hung up on your old partner for long!

Written by: Miles Meason, Psy.D.,
Dr. Miles Meason Psychology

My name is Miles and some of the most important things in my life are my relationships. I didn’t grow up in a family where I was taught everything that I needed to know about relationships. I would easily get into relationships and when they were going well I would have a great time, but then when they would get hard I wouldn’t know what to do to make it better. For many years I struggled to understand them and feel happy in them a lot of the time. Most of all I just wanted my relationship to feel easy and relaxed instead of feeling like work.

A lot of men haven’t really thought about relationships and what makes them work. When I got into this profession I didn’t know that I wanted to work with couples and individuals who are wanting to work on their relationships. After feeling the changes in my life that have come through the growth in my own relationships I easily decided that I wanted to devote my professional life to helping other people find this joy in their relationships. I now help people have relationships that feel easy and relaxed.Dr. Miles Meason can be found on Google+:

Single Moms Time Saving Tricks to Help Your Household Run Smoothly

Things can be very hectic as a single mom. Our guest blogger provides us with 5 time saving tips to help your household run smoothly and hopefully you can use that time saved for some YOU time!

Its not always easy to keep up with household chores, varied schedules and all the tasks involved in running a home.

There are ways though, to keep your life running more smoothly using the following five tricks each day.

  1. Decide what you will wear ahead of time. Having everything laid out, clean, ironed and organized can be so calming in the morning. Do this every night before you go to bed, and your morning will feel totally different. Children can be taught to do this too. (It prevents a lot of drama on school days.)
  2. Stop wasting time looking for items over and over again. Establish a place for everything. Backpacks, purses, keys, shoes, and phones should each have a home, so that you will not waste time looking for them when you are on your way out of the door. Children will learn organizational skills, you will retain your sanity, and everyone will feel less harried
  3. Plan ahead for meals. It takes time to do this on the weekend, but your week will go so much more smoothly when you have a plan for each night. Dont make it complicated.
  4. Keep a grocery list on the counter or refrigerator and let everyone add to it when they notice something is running out. Instead of trying to think of everything you need when you get to the grocery store, you will have a list that you can get through quickly.
  5. Keep a large calendar or white board where everyone can keep track of their activities for the upcoming week. Each person can use a different color, which makes it easy to see what each person is doing. The added advantage is that you will be teaching your children how to prepare ahead.

Its important to remember that preparation and little steps can make everything easier. And isnt that what we all want?


Written by: Diana Fletcher, Writer, Life Coach, Speaker, Diana Fletcher Life Coaching

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Signs your Relationship is in Trouble

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Imagine how tough this change of life is for children. Not only because soon they will have to adapt to a new environment, but also because the very process of removals is difficult and presents many hardships. It is easy for them to have feelings of loss, anger, anxiety and confusion, because they may not even be fully aware of the situation…. Read More >

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