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6 Tips For Dating After Divorce

6 Tips For Dating After Divorce

Here are 6 tips for dating after divorce. The mere concept of dating once you’ve been divorced can be overwhelming, and it should be, but there are guidelines to help move forward and make that decision.

Tips For Dating After Divorce

Dating after divorce tip #1:

Don’t feel that you “should” start dating, just because someone else thinks so. Wait until you are ready, when you not only feel good about yourself, but you also feel comfortable about meeting new friends.

Dating after divorce tip #2:

Let yourself grieve for the lost relationship by accepting your emotions. Make room for them, but don’t let regret or sadness rule your life. Work through your feelings with a friend, or a counselor. Be aware of dangerous denial.

Dating after divorce tip #3:

Reject self-rejection. Admit your mistakes, learn from them–but all the while–love yourself for being human. Surround yourself with supportive people who like you for who you are. Ask for help from people who like you and can inspire you.

Dating after divorce tip #4:

Talk with your kids and listen to their feelings and suggestions. Be an example to them of resiliency and strength. Demonstrate that they are your priority. Have fun times with them. While being open with your children about beginning to date again after the divorce, it’s best to be discreet, so that they don’t become overwhelmed with frequent introductions.

Dating after divorce tip #5:

Find your strengths and focus yourself in a positive direction. Motivate yourself by doing something that’s just for you, like an exercise class or a hobby you love.

Dating after divorce tip #6:

Think through what you want in a partner and in a relationship. Ask yourself what worked and didn’t in the old relationship, without blame. Then, be observant when meeting new potential partners.

Divorce is not the end of the world, but it is one of the hardest situations to weather through. Look online to find resources, dating advice and how to rebuild your life after a divorce.

Written By: Ruby Holder Moseley, Rust Built, Marketing Services

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