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Take Time for Me Time

While it is easy enough to keep working all the time, and creating excuses as to why you “have to” forge on, making time for your personal life is equally important. The reason? Because it not only gives you a chance to recharge and perform better, but it’s necessary for good health, too.

Make that promise to yourself and don’t waiver from that commitment. Schedule down time on your calendar even. I know that for me, if it is one of my daily reminders, there is no excuse not to take that time for myself. I scheduled it, and gosh darn it, I’m going to take it and enjoy it.

One of the ways to take some me time is to pick a hobby and sign up for lessons. Even pre-pay for it, so the opportunity to not go is much harder. My hobbies include drumming and inline skating. Both are not just exercise, but a way to learn a new task and keep growing as a person. It is a personal challenge that I love for so many reasons.

The business activities, problems and things to do will always be waiting for you, however the joy and love spent with family and friends make it all worthwhile.

Written By: Roberta Perry, President, Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc.


About the Author:

After years of being totally selfless and taking care of everyone else’s needs, (ok, that is my own humble opinion, but work with me here) my skin was peeling, dry, itchy and irritated. In 2005, at 43, I finally had enough and decided I was worth it, too. I discovered exfoliating products, but like the proverbial Goldilocks, none were completely satisfying my needs & wants. I decided to create my own and headed for the kitchen. I played the “mad chemist” role, mixing different combinations of botanical oils and came up with a formula I loved. However, it was not until I did extensive research, that I realized how lucky I was with the recipe I had created. Natures oils are incredible for skin. I brought in my sister and we started Scrubz™ in 2006, in my home, moved quickly to a renovated garage, and then opened our first manufacturing/store front, in Bethpage, NY in 2011. We have since moved to a much larger space, right in the heart of town. All products are handcrafted in small batches. We host “Make your own Scrubz™” parties for kids of all ages. We sell retail and wholesale, with clients such as Whole Foods Markets.

I have been published and quoted in blogs, beauty magazines and articles. I have had 2 LI Newsday articles written about my business. I was a panelist for Long Island Newsday’s Connect Small Business Seminar, I was a guest for a natural remedy segment of the Dr. Oz show which aired on Oct. 24, 2014, I am a proud member of Indie Beauty/Indie Business, American Made Matters, Independent We Stand, Bethpage Chamber of Commerce, Bethpage Kiwanis Club.

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