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What Do I Do if I Am Served With a Complaint for Divorce?

What Do I Do if I Am Served With a Complaint for Divorce?

As family law and divorce attorneys, we are frequently asked: what do I do if I am served with a complaint for divorce? How does Michigan handle divorce?  How long do I have to respond?  What is default?First, it is important to pay attention to the date that you were served with the complaint. From the date of service, you have 21 days to file a written response with the court. If you do not timely answer the divorce complaint, you can be defaulted. Default means that even though you are a named party in the action, you cannot actively participate unless the default is set aside by the court. Further, as a result of defaulting, the other party can ask the court to enter a default judgment with unfavorable terms.

By immediately taking charge of your situation and meeting with one a family law attorney, you will acquire an understanding of your legal rights in the divorce situation and receive help to determine how to properly respond in the case and be an active participant who determines the outcome, not your spouse or his attorney. Each person’s situation is unique and has to be addressed according to the particular needs that are presented. Inaction will only cause problems.

If you’ve been served with a complaint for divorce, make sure you get the representation you deserve. Our family law and divorce attorneys are here to help you. Call and speak with one of our Michigan divorce attorneys.

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