If I Divorce, Why Should I Use An Attorney Who Specializes In Family Law?

If I Divorce, Why Should I Use An Attorney Who Specializes In Family Law?

You’ve heard of the expression: “Jack of all trades, master of none.” It applies to the practice of law, now, more than ever. As time goes on, the laws change and procedures change. The need to deal with a specialist is paramount as there is a separate body of law for each legal subject that the practitioner must know. With family law, there is even a separate division of the Circuit Court (Family Court Division) to handle the cases. An attorney will also have to deal with the Friend of the Court personnel for each county in which they practice. If an attorney is out of their element, how effective can he or she be? If the matter is highly contested and/or there are complex issues, the answer becomes even more obvious.

Many attorneys, who have no concentration in family law, will accept any case that walks in the door because it helps pay the bills. Most of them think that divorces and other family law cases can be easily handled within a short time frame. This type of attitude often leads to disastrous results. Most times, it’s too late to correct the mistakes that led to a poor outcome but the client must suffer the consequences. You can set yourself up for a positive result by being proactive: interview the attorney and find out if you feel comfortable with their background in family law and the way they present to you. A reference from a friend is only a beginning, you have to do the rest.

If you’ve contemplating divorce, start by being an advocate for yourself. Our family law and divorce attorneys are here to help you. Attend one of our free educational seminars or call and speak with one of our divorce lawyers.

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