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How to Survive Divorce

How to Survive Divorce

You’re married and comfortable with your life then something happens. Whether you choose, or someone else make the decision for you, you’re going to face one of the toughest times of your life. But it doesn’t have to be for long.

Divorce is stressful on everyone involved, but you can turn this stress into a positive with these tips:

1. Tell yourself everyday how much you love yourself and how much others in your extended family love you.

2. Take the time you need to grieve the loss of your relationship. Seek professional help if needed and know there’s no shame in accepting professional help. Sometimes it takes an outsider to put things into perspective.

3. Take time to get to know “you” again. We all get caught up in defining who we should be when we are with someone else, but who are we as an individual? You can (and will) be great! Find a new hobby or join a new group of individuals that have the same likes and interests.

4. If you have children, spend as much time as you can with them. Create new memories with your children that they can carry into their future to make them strong, confident and happy children.

5. Rely on your family and friends for support. Ask for their help even when you think you don’t need it. If you’re uncomfortable asking your family or friends for help, join a support group of people going through the same situation as you.

A divorce is a disruption in your life, but this disruption don’t have to last for long. Take the time necessary to get over it and then do just that – get over it! Allow yourself to embrace the change; know you are worth it; and get out there and make the most of what this world has to offer you.

Michele Sfakianos, RN, BSN

Michele is a Registered Nurse, Award-winning Author, Leading Authority of Parenting, and Speaker.

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