5 Summer Sanity Savers

5 Summer Sanity Savers

5 Summer Sanity Savers that work! Summer schedules can get hectic and overbearing. Between vacations, parties, sports, work and life in general, it is difficult to manage it all and still enjoy yourself.

Our expert guest blogger, Michelle Monroe Morton, provides us with the following 5 scheduling tips that will keep the summer months running smoothly and allow us to experience a bit of enjoyment.

My tips for time management to keeping your sanity while surviving summer schedules are:

  1. Sit down and write out all the to-do’s that you want to get done, any projects around the house, etc. Then make a list of what you “need” to get done (almost like a pros and cons list)
  2. Take your calendar and mark any appointments, sports schedules, special events – this way when you receive an invite you will know whether you can say yes or no and don’t be afraid to say no.
  3. Be sure to schedule some alone time – even if it were 5 minutes a day. Give yourself some quiet time. Schedule it on your calendar!
  4. Once you have your calendar filled out then you can take a look at your need to do list and plan times to get those tasks done – then take a look for any free pockets of time and schedule some of your wish items –
  5. Do not over schedule yourself – easier said than done I know – but be realistic about your time and what you can accomplish – learn to say no – and let go of the guilt!

Written by: Michelle Monroe Morton

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