Tips For Moms Going Back To Work

Tips For Moms Going Back To Work

Going back to work after any kind of a break can be a difficult thing, regardless of the reason for the time away. There may be feelings of guilt floating around. To help keep those under control, suggests that you:

    1. Give yourself a break. Expect that the first month back will be a challenge.
    2. Come up with a positive way to answer the inevitable “how are you doing” that you’re bound to be asked, and use that answer whether you actually feel positive or not.
    3. Remember that you’re doing what’s best for your family
    4. Think about the example you’re setting – a strong woman who can take care of business.
    5. Look forward to and cherish that moment when you see the baby at the end of the day.
    6. Deal with the separation anxiety (yours) by putting a picture of your child where you can see it, remember that your daycare provider is taking good care of your baby, and know that there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that going back to work harms the baby.

Even if taking time off from work was not to have a baby, returning after any lengthy leave of absence can be stressful. offers 6 more suggestions:

  1. Notify your network. If you are looking for a new job after time away from the workplace, the best place to start is by notifying friends and family that you’re looking, and be sure your resume is set to go.
  2. Prepare your ‘elevator pitch.’ This is a 30 second speech about why you were out of the workforce, why you’re going back, and what you’re looking for.
  3. Volunteer. It’ll make you feel good and will give you something to put on your resume.
  4. Take classes. Brush up on industry best practices and technology that might have changed while you were gone.
  5. Consider temporary or part time work. Temp work gives you a chance to get back into it without the commitment, and part time can ease the stress a little.
  6. Focus on the skills you’ve gained. Whatever you’ve been doing while away from work has taught you something you didn’t know before. Tie those new skills in with the job you’re looking to land.

Written by: Tricia Doane, Rust Built, Marketing Services

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