Dealing with Summer when Divorcing

Summer can be a particularly stressful period for parents who are going through a divorce or have just finalized theirs. These months can also be traumatic for their children as they try to adjust physically and emotionally to living in different households.

One of the best things that divorced parents can do to smooth the summer transition is to follow their custody agreement to the “T”. This means that each parent should plan their children’s activities by taking into consideration the laid down visiting schedule and financial agreement.

Newly divorced parents should also keep the welfare of their children as their top priority when planning their summer activities. For example, they can ensure that their children attend their usual summer camps in order to add some structure to their changing lives.

If the budget is tighter after the split, parents can plan low cost or free activities for their children. These can include taking them to summer concerts in the park or walks on the beach to collect shells.

Separated parents should also not let their feelings for their ex-spouse cloud their children’s summer for instance by telling them which parent is paying for their fun. They should even try and help their children enjoy their holiday even when they are with the other parent for example by buying them a camera to take photos and record their memories.

When the children are away, newly single parents should avoid wallowing in guilt and regret. They can invite friends and family members over to ease the loneliness. They can also engage in hobbies they enjoy or look for a part-time job to keep them busy.

Written by: Marian Kim,Rust Built, Marketing Services

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