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Signs your Relationship is in Trouble

Signs your Relationship is in Trouble

Relationships can be tricky to maintain especially if one party cannot figure out where the relationship is going or if it is actually going somewhere. Knowing the signs of a distressed relationship is therefore important since it can help you put measures in place to salvage it or end it and avoid protracted suffering.

Lack of communication is one sign of a relationship that is in trouble. Communication is a vital glue for all relationships as evidenced by the long phone calls, Skpe chats, emails and endless text conversations that characterize the beginning of most relationships. Therefore if your partner stops communicating know that it often means they no longer care about you or the relationship.

A disintegrating sex life is another sign that a relationship is headed south. This is due to the fact that sex is an important form of communication in relationships. Therefore if your partner avoids touching, hugging, cuddling and making love to you understand that your relationship needs urgent resuscitation.

Picking fights is another sign that the relationship has reached its final stages. These persistent fights should not be confused with the occasional fights of normal relationships which show that the parties still care. Therefore if your partner is always picking fights with you about everything under the sun take it very seriously because this usually happens when one party wants out but they want the other party to end the relationship.

Non-commitment about future plans is another symptom of a dying relationship. Therefore if your partner avoids committing to weekend plans and balks at the mention of events months away, understand that they could be dreading spending time with you and secretly wishing they were single.

Written by: Marian Kim, Rust Built, Marketing Services

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