Signs it May or May Not Be Time to Divorce

Signs it May or May Not Be Time to Divorce

Divorce is a crucial decision, which will affect your life and the lives of your family for unknown and countless years. Instead of improving your life, a divorce may give you another set of problems to deal with. Getting ready for a divorce transition begins by evaluating your relationship’s facets.

If things aren’t going smoothly between the two of you, here are 8 ways to know if it’s time to think about ending the relationship. These key components of healthy relationships may be just the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

  • TRUST. Have you stopped sharing your individual worlds with each other?
  • TOUCH. Does intimacy exist between the two of you?
  • FEELINGS. Do you have positive feelings for your spouse anymore? Do you feel uncared for, isolated?
  • BALANCE. Does the good outweigh the bad? Are there more negative interactions than positive between you?
  • RESPECT. Do arguments get hurtful, accusing, or disrespectful?
  • COMMITMENT. Are both parties committed to working on solutions to the problems?
  • EXHAUSTION. Do you feel cut off from your spouse? Do you feel emotionally drained?
  • FIDELITY. Are you or your spouse engaged in an extramarital relationship?

You must be willing to be responsible for the possibility of reconstructing your ailing marriage, in the same way that you must be mature about the choice to end it. Hurts, disappointments, and anger don’t go away with divorce. These negative emotions need to be acknowledged and dealt with, with each other or apart.

Marriage counseling can be initiated with the aim of mending a hurting marriage, or preparing for its ending with a calm and conscious choice. Become as informed as possible of these 8 ways may help you through this difficult time.

Written By Ruby Holder Moseley, Rust Built, Marketing Services

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