Are You Running On Empty?

Are You Running On Empty?

As we enter the first month of 2018 this is a perfect time to reflect upon the past year and determine what really matters, who you want in your life, and how 2018 will be more abundant, peaceful and prosperous.

Experience tells me that everything we do in life equates to energy whether it is negative or positive. For example, when you exercise you are generating positive energy in your life as most often you feel renewed and refreshed afterward. When you argue with your spouse you expend negative energy thus pulling from your life source. As you reflect upon this passing year it is essential that you take inventory of the things and people who have complimented your life and those that have drained your emotional energy.

Living a life of abundance, peace and prosperity is not difficult if you become more aware of your energy source and what feeds or depletes it. Emotional energy is your life source. It is the heartbeat of your soul and your guide for living. It is also the driving force behind your ability to exist in the world. Without an adequate supply, you may find yourself barely getting through life and often running on fumes!

The following are examples of things or people that either makes deposits or withdrawals from your emotional energy bank.

Energy Stealers (Withdrawals) Energy Sources (Deposits)
Going to a job you hate

Unsupportive significant other

Workplace stress

Skipping meals/unhealthy eating

Going through life without purpose

Trying to control everything in your life

Trying to change other people

Complaining about life

Holding grudges

Trying to do everything for/by yourself

Taking care of others needs first


Living in fear

Work you are passionate about

A healthy, balanced relationship

Supportive, rewarding work environment

Regular exercise and healthy eating habits

Discovering your purpose and living it

Giving energy to things that match your values

Focusing on how you can become a better person

Finding the value  and gratitude in life

Letting go and forgiveness

Asking for help/delegating tasks

Taking time out for yourself daily/weekly

Prioritizing, planning and getting things done

Facing your fears/conquering self-doubt

If you are experiencing more withdrawals than deposits, take action right away. Once your emotional energy is depleted you put yourself at risk for emotional meltdowns, health problems and possibly a mental health crisis.  Make sure you have at least 3 people in your life who are energy sources.

Make a list of the things that are depleting your emotional energy and develop a plan to remove them from your life. Lastly, discover and utilize the activities that bring you peace and joy and do them as often as you can and give your energy to those who make frequent deposits.

It is important you release the negative energy you take in from life. Everything you do, feel and think is energy; make frequent deposits in your bank every day!

Written by: Catrice M. Jackson, MS, LMHP, LPC, Empowerment Speaker, Fearologist, Fear-Free Living Expert and Author

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