Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

Every relationship is different. Marriages end for different reasons. Divorces are avoided for different reasons.

So, first understanding the value of your relationship is a great first step in determining what can (or can’t) be done to save a marriage that may be headed to divorce. As today’s guest blogger and relationship author tells us, start by asking yourself if your marriage is worth saving:

Are You the Right One for Me?

The first question that needs to be addressed is whether the relationship is worth salvaging?

Hanging onto a failed relationship can be like dying a slow death. If the relationship has true value, I would suggest identifying the existing problem and have the couple work towards renewing the way they interact with one another. Without change, the relationship will be the same old thing.

In “Are You The Right One For Me? Whose Choice Is It Anyway?” book, I focus on the 4 C’s of a Relationship (Communication, Consistency, Commitment and Compromise), which a crucial step in maintaining a healthy relationship. In most cases, it is one of these areas that are lacking attention.

Rebuilding the commitment by learning how to better communicate can restore a failing relationship, otherwise heading to divorce. If cheating is involved, then the trust would have to be reestablished; however keeping the communication alive will prove to be crucial. Do not forget to listen and remain patient with your partner throughout the transition.

Written by: Roland Hinds, Inspirational Speaker and Author, Roland Hinds Media

So, take some time to determine the value of your relationship. What is it worth? What will it take to make it worth working on and continually building?

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Rachel Frawley

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