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How Co-Parenting Creates a Home

How Co-Parenting Creates a Home

Co-parenting creates a home for your children.  In fact, it creates two healthy homes for a family and for your children’s overall health. It means taking a step back from your own desires and hurts and focusing on what’s best for your kids, and co-parenting is what they need. 

How Co-Parenting Creates A Home For Your Kids

It’s the little things that make Dad’s house a home for your kids and why co-parenting does create a home.

When my ex-husband and I divorced, I knew that our sons (then ages 5 and 8) would be spending a lot of time at their dad’s new apartment. Since I wanted it to feel like “home” to them, the boys and I went through the house, choosing things we thought he might want or need.

He had already taken his clothes and the pieces of furniture that he needed or really cared about. We talked about the Christmas ornaments he might want for their tree…a few of their favorite plates and mugs for the kitchen…some photographs of our family together that they might want to have when they slept at his place.

I only visited that apartment a few times after our divorce, but the boys told me that it felt very much like their ‘other home.’ I like to think that this is because we took the time to share a few things that were special from what had been our ‘family home.’

Co-parenting is a choice.

Everyone wins.

Margaret Miller, Divorced But Not Divided

How do you and your ex-husband practice co-parenting?

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