How to Live Peacefully Until Your Divorce Is Final

How to Live Peacefully Until Your Divorce Is Final

There’s a lot of limbo in divorce.  We wait for court dates, signatures, schedules, and agreements.  We experience a lot of waiting for the entire process to be complete. So, how do we maintain a peaceful relationship with our soon to be ex without giving in to the anger and resentment that might be rising inside?

Go With the Flow – It’s Almost Over!

The key here is keeping your thoughts and sights focused on the future. If you truly want a divorce, the realization that you will soon be free should be enough to help you bite your tongue and go with the flow just a bit longer. And who knows, sometimes the patience required for waiting and working hard to just get along may spark a change in one of you. Maybe you’ll work things out. Hey, it’s possible!

Janeen Diamond and Tia Sorensen, Expert Consultants, Save Your Marriage in 30

Sometimes going with the flow is easier said than done. If then tension between you and your soon to be ex is too much to bear, you could try Robin’s advice:

Move Out to Move On

When waiting for the six months to expire in order to proceed with my divorce I decided to move out. It was way too difficult being in a space with someone that was mad when I walked in the door. This option was difficult because financially I was living check to check but I had to learn to budget and get my act together in order for me to move on with my life.

Robin Hunt, StyleDIVA, Cocktails and Conversation

Before moving out, it is a good idea to consult your attorney. Find out what the laws are and if you need any written agreements prior to making this type of arrangement.

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