Talk, Talk, Talk - Make Sure to Listen!

Talk, Talk, Talk – Make Sure to Listen!

When talking to your children about divorce, you want to make the talk age appropriate. Telling a three year old that mommy or daddy won’t be living in the home is different than telling an eight year old or a twelve year old.

The guidelines below will help with your talk:

  1. Talk with them – not down to them.
  2. Understand that divorce can produce the same feelings associated with a death in the family. Allow the child to “mourn” the loss of the family and relationship. Give them the time they need to recover. Seek professional help if necessary.
  3. Don’t just talk to your kids, listen to them. Ask them for their concerns, how they feel, and what they need to get through this difficult time.
  4. Tell your children that although you will not be living in the same home anymore, you will both love and support them the same. You will still attend important events in their life and they will always come first.

Divorce is hard on everyone involved. Be sensitive to your children’s needs, but make sure to take care of yourself too. Your children need you now more than ever before.

Written by: Michele Sfakianos, Open Pages Publishing, LLC


About the Author:

Registered Nurse, Award-winning Author, Speaker and Leading Authority on Parenting.

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