separtion 101

Separation 101

How to Get the Most From Your Separation:

Separation could be a very risky alternative, which could work if well managed by each member of the relationship. A few simple steps could make the difference.

1.  Find the real reason for the separation and set a sensible goal.  This is a very important step, as well as establishing a deadline.

2.  Do not assume your significant other’s behavior…discuss that too. Being separated does NOT mean you are already divorced and free to behave as a single person.

3.  Develop a follow up plan and dates to meet up and give each other feedback on feelings, emotions, expectations, etc. Be honest at all times and also be respectful.

If after separation time you feel like giving a new chance to the relationship…make sure it is going to be NEW. If the conclusion is the other way…be careful with your wording…the end of a marriage doesn’t have to be the end of a friendship.

Written by: Mayra S. Mutt©, Mayra Soler Mutt, Inc. President

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