Raising Boys as a Divorced Mom

Raising Boys as a Divorced Mom

As mothers we want to raise boys that are both caring and nurturing, as well as strong and courageous. We realize the importance of respect and want nothing less than that for our sons. But, how do we instill all these qualities into our boys without a father figure in the household?

Learn what our expert guest blogger has to say about raising boys, building their self-esteem, and teaching them responsibility.

Single Moms Raising Sons

  • Stop telling your son that he is the man of the house just because he is the only male in the house. This puts too much pressure on a child especially when he is not of age.
  • Do not speak ill of the father, regardless if he is a bad parent and not in the child’s life. Speaking ill of his father can have a bad impression on him as he grows into being a man.
  • Make sure your child is held accountable for his or her actions. Do not over smother them with love because the other parent may be absent from their life.

Written By: Bobby R. Huntley, Reverend / Author

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