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How to Prepare Yourself for Your Pending Divorce

How to Prepare Yourself for Your Pending Divorce

Divorce Financial Expert, Rosemary Frank explains that there is much to be done during this time without very much waiting involved at all!  Learn how to prepare yourself for your pending divorce.

It’s Not “Waiting” If You Are Doing Something

Use this valuable time to proceed with the divorce if that is what you want. Negotiate the settlement that you will ultimately sign in six months. Go ahead and move (or he moves) under temporary support orders. No need to continue to growl at each other.

The key word here is PROCEED to your finish line. You will soon realize that it will probably take more than six months just to do everything that needs to be done. You are changing every aspect of your life. Lots of details. Use the time wisely. If you “wait” six months, then begin, it will be at least another six months before you are divorced.

This transition period is a good time to familiarize yourself with details of your financial situation, present and future. No matter how much you may have participated in managing the family finances, you will need to know more and do more. If you did not pay attention at all in the past, you have an even greater challenge. If you need and like the things that money will buy, you will need to know and understand how money works. Be grateful that you have this time to learn something before having to fend for yourself.

Rosemary Frank, MBA, CDFA, CFDP, CFDS, Divorce Financial Expert

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