February 2024 – What’s Happening

Holidays and Fun Local Events

Greetings! Welcome to February 2024. As we begin a new year, we encourage you to explore new experiences. Whether you prefer to venture outdoors or enjoy cozy indoor activities, there are numerous opportunities to engage in novel activities in our vicinity. We at DAWN are committed to supporting you in prioritizing self-care and relishing in the various recreational options that our area has to offer.

Winter is here in Michigan, bringing with it a range of exciting events and activities. February 2024 is packed with events like the Plymouth Ice Festival, Monster Jam, Winter Blast in Royal Oak, Livonia Women’s Connection, and a Full Moon Hike in Farmington. There are also some great activities for kids. Don’t forget to check out local job fairs too! These events and activities are sure to keep you busy, but we’ve also provided some helpful articles on parenting, divorce, and finances. Let’s embrace the winter season with style, fun, and a month to remember.

Check out what’s going on in Southeast Michigan this February!

Plymouth Ice Festival

The Plymouth Ice Festival welcomes families to explore downtown Plymouth, featuring sidewalks lined with stunning ice carvings. Additionally, tubing is now available.

Winter Blast in Royal Oak

Experience free skating, live music, ice sculptures, a learn-to-ski/snowboard program, zip line, food trucks, a kids adventure center, and more.


The Big, Bright Light Show in Downtown Rochester 

Photo credit: Monster Jam

Detroit fans will witness an intense competition as skilled athletes tear up the dirt with gravity-defying stunts in 12,000-pound Monster Jam trucks.


Health, Shopping, Fitness – Time For You

Livonia Women’s Connection

Kick off the 2024 Livonia Women’s Connection series with a Gal-entine’s Day get together coi-hosted by Nicole McPherson of Family Affairs Party Rentals. Join for sweet treats and conversation on Thursday, February 8th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Hickory Ridge Full Moon Night Hike

Join us for a 4-mile night hike on the Hickory Ridge trail. Wear warm clothes and ice cleats as it may be slippery. A campfire will be available at the beginning and end of the hike courtesy of the Friends of Island Lake.

Work, Career, and Money

Switching from two incomes to one is always a difficult adjustment and because we care we have some resources for you to check out.  This is because we can help you move in a direction of greater financial stability.  We’ve even added a few places because we want to help you search for a new job.

Financially Protect Yourself

Financially P-R-O-T-E-C-T Yourself

If you are contemplating or currently going through a separation or divorce, money is probably one of your greatest concerns. Even if you were not the spouse responsible for the finances in your marriage – money, assets, debts and liabilities are probably now at the top of your mind.

Career Events: Sales Jobs Connect

Search for virtual job fairs, local meetings, all handled in a safe and efficient manner. Now is the time to hunt for a new job. There are tons of job opportunities. Examine your skill sets and strengths and browse what local events and career path might suit you this August 2022!


There is no perfect parent and going through a divorce or suffering the after effects can be overwhelmingSo, here is an article with some proactive ways to adjust to the new life of single parenting and some tips to help you and your kids get through divorce.

To Do’s and Don’ts

The Do’s and Don’ts of Helping Our Kids Survive Divorce

Divorce is a stressful and sometimes traumatic event. A partnership that we entered, expecting it to be “for better or worse” and “in sickness and in health,” all of a sudden is ending and may leave us feeling lost and adrift. Our future may be uncertain, our finances may be a mess, and our self-esteem may be almost non-existent.

Family Picnic Movie Night – Elemental

Library events are always open to the public and are free of charge. You don’t need a library card to attend, and no registration is required! Everyone is welcome to come and join us for a family movie night. Bring a blanket and your favorite snacks or dinner and enjoy watching Disney and Pixar’s “Elemental”.

Just For You

We know it’s hard to make life changing choices, but we are here to fight for you and your rights because we care.  Schedule a FREE consultation today and take to first step in moving forward in your new life.


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