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Holidays and Fun Local Events

Welcome to September 2023! Fall is almost here! Let’s get this Fall 2023 started off right. We have found some indoor and outdoor activities suitable for everyone. DAWN is here to support you in taking time for you each month and enjoying all that our area has to offer.

Summer events, activities and fun has returned to Michigan! This August features events like the Renaissance Festival, Detroit Jazz Festival, the Michigan State Fair, Arts Beats and Eats, Nankin Mills 5k, and Into the Spiderverse Live Concert – not to mention fun stuff for the kids. Not to mention in these tough times there are still job fairs to participate in! These fun, exciting September 2023 events and activities for you or the kids will help keep you occupied, but we’ve also provided some helpful articles on parenting, divorce and finances.  Let’s start this Fall right and make September 2023 a month to remember.

Check out what’s going on in Southeast Michigan this September!

Renaissance Festival

Fair maids and merry men take a step back to the 16th century for jousting tournaments, comedy and theater shows, music, games and “real” mythological creatures. Each weekend is themed so check on it before you head out.

Detroit Jazz Festival

Listen to the greats and upcoming Jazz artists at the ultimate Jazz show happening at different locations in Detroit.


Michigan State Fair

Walk the midway, see the circus, ride carnival rides, see demonstrations and more at the state fair that dates back to 1849. Other attractions include livestock shows, live entertainment, carnival eats and more.


Health, Shopping, Fitness – Time For You

In The Cut 5K at Historic Hines

Come out to Historic Hines Drive Nankin Mills Recreation Area to participate in a 5K walk/run or a one-mile cruiser run/walk.

Arts, Beats, and Eats

Enjoy art at the juried fair, eats from food trucks and beats that include live music and more. The kid’s zone will have arts and craft, bounce houses and interactive, educational and fun performances all weekend.

Work, Career, and Money

Switching from two incomes to one is always a difficult adjustment and because we care we have some resources for you to check out.  This is because we can help you move in a direction of greater financial stability.  We’ve even added a few places because we want to help you search for a new job.

Tips for Moms Going Back to Work

Tips For Moms Going Back To Work

Going back to work after any kind of a break can be a difficult thing, regardless of the reason for the time away. There may be feelings of guilt floating around. To help keep those under control, suggests that you:

Career Events: Sales Jobs Connect

Search for virtual job fairs, local meetings, all handled in a safe and efficient manner. Now is the time to hunt for a new job. There are tons of job opportunities. Examine your skill sets and strengths and browse what local events and career path might suit you this August 2022!


There is no perfect parent and going through a divorce or suffering the after effects can be overwhelmingSo, here is an article with some proactive ways to adjust to the new life of single parenting and some tips to help you and your kids get through divorce.

Back to School After Divorce: Tips to Help Your Kids

Back to School After Divorce: Tips to Help Your Kids!

Many divorces take place during the summer. This timing can help families adapt to the changes ahead. But it also makes returning to school a challenge for most children. Fortunately, there are ways to ease the transition by tapping to the many resources available through the school.

Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse Live in Concert

Watch a screening of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse while listening to a soundtrack that blends symphonic orchestral music with hip-hop. It will feature live musicians and turntables featuring a DJ scratcher live on stage.

Just For You

We know it’s hard to make life changing choices, but we are here to fight for you and your rights because we care.  Schedule a FREE consultation today and take to first step in moving forward in your new life.


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