July 2022 – What’s Happening

Holidays and Fun Local Events

Welcome to July 2022! Summer is here and we are ready to get outdoors this July 2022. We have found some indoor and outdoor activities suitable for everyone. DAWN is here to support you in taking time for you each month and enjoying all that our area has to offer.

For the first time in several years fairs, concerts and fun has returned to Michigan! This June features events like Dinosauria at the Detroit Zoo, Fireworks, The Oakland County Fair, Movie Nights, and Sidewalk Sales. Not to mention in these hard times there are still job fairs to participate in! These fun, exciting July 2022 events and activities for you or the kids will help keep you occupied, but we’ve also provided some helpful articles on parenting, divorce and finances.  Let’s kick this summer off right and make July 2022 a month to remember.

Check out what’s going on in the World this July!

Dinosauria at the Detroit Zoo

The zoo brings you an immersive walk-through experience that will take you back in time to the prehistoric era. Here, you will see 29 life-like animatronic dinosaurs, including a towering, 65-foot-long Brachiosaurus!

Clarkson Fireworks

Clarkston Fireworks Fireworks close out night one of Independence Fest at Clintonwood Park. Independence Fest features a Veterans celebration, food, craft show, live entertainment and so much more.


Ferndale Free Movie Nights

Downtown Ferndale MI hosts their Movies in the Parks summer movie series at Schiffer Park this summer with 3 nights of movies. Bring your lawn chairs and snacks and enjoy a memorable evening under the stars in Downtown Ferndale or a local Ferndale Park. Movie nights at Schiffer Park, Wilson Park, and Martin Road Park are free to the public! FREE outdoor movie nights in Ferndale this summer begin at 6:30p with pre-show family fun entertainment. Movies start at dusk.


Health, Shopping, Fitness – Time For You

Oakland County Fair

During the 10-day Oakland County Fair, there will be a midway with carnival rides, fireworks, free concerts, monster trucks, a demolition derby and exhibits. Visitors can stroll through many barns to see horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, poultry, dogs, cats, rabbits and even newborn animals.

Downtown Rochester Sidewalk Sales

The annual Sidewalk Sales July tradition continues Thursday through Saturday. Dancin’ in the Street, featuring live music and a taste fest, will happen from 6p-10p on Friday. Find special deals for Downtown Rochester businesses and enjoy live strolling entertainment, kids events and more.

Work, Career, and Money

Switching from two incomes to one is always a difficult adjustment and because we care we have some resources for you to check out.  This is because we can help you move in a direction of greater financial stability.  We’ve even added a few places because we want to help you search for a new job.

Tips To Achieve Financial Well Being


A divorce can be debilitating, not only emotionally but also financially. In the aftermath of this life transition, re-establishing financial well-being will give you peace of mind. This begins by taking the time today to rebuild for tomorrow, with these five tips:

Career Events: Sales Jobs Connect

Search for virtual job fairs, local meetings, all handled in a safe and efficient manner. Now is the time to hunt for a new job. There are tons of job opportunities. Examine your skill sets and strengths and browse what local events and career path might suit you this February 2022!


There is no perfect parent and going through a divorce or suffering the after effects can be overwhelmingSo, here is an article with some proactive ways to adjust to the new life of single parenting and some tips to help you and your kids get through divorce.

Co-Parenting For Your Children

How Co-Parenting Creates a Home

Co-parenting for your children is about them, not us, we asked a divorce specialist to answer some questions to help newly divorced moms create balance and a strong foundation for their children throughout the divorce process. See what she suggests:

Open Bounce at Inflatable Playspaces

They have a great indoor bounce room & party room. On Fridays they open up their HUGE open bounce room for open jump for the low price of $9 per child (parents of children are FREE).

Just For You

We know it’s hard to make life changing choices, but we are here to fight for you and your rights because we care.  Schedule a FREE consultation today and take to first step in moving forward in your new life.


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