August 2020 Getting Back to Work After A Divorce

Getting Back to Work After A Divorce

Getting back to work after a divorce can be a challenge.  If your divorce has drastically changed your life and finances getting a job can not only help you get back on your feet financially, but it can also improve your mental health by giving you something less stressful to focus on.

Deciding on the type of job you want is the first thing you should do to help you transition into the job market. If you urgently need money, look at the jobs you have done in your past since your experience can give you an edge over other applicants. If money is not a big problem, you can look into your future and choose a job that you have always wanted to do.

Getting Back to Work

After choosing your job, the second step is to update your resume and ensure that it reflects the strengths required by that job. If you have voids for example from the years you were out of the workforce raising children, fill them with skills like multi-tasking and budgeting that you developed during those periods since these can come in handy for certain jobs.

Sending your resume to your network is the next thing you should do after updating it and ensuring it is free of grammatical errors. Fax and email it to your family, friends and former workmates so that they can all help you find a job. You can also upload it to job placement sites and join social networks like LinkedIn where you can search for jobs and connect with potential employers.

After distributing your resume, keep yourself busy as you wait for interview calls by taking online course to get certifications. You can also volunteer in the field you want to enter to gain experience and get connections.

Written By: Marian Kim, Rust Built, Marketing Services

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