september 2020 Career Change Success in 10 Easy Steps

Career Change Success in 10 Easy Steps

Career change success in ten easy steps?  Is that really possible?  Have you decided that this year you really will change career or you need to get back to work? Fantastic! You are embarking on an exciting journey, but it is one that really will be worth the time and effort you invest in it. You really do owe it to yourself to finally break out of that rubbish job that has been frustrating you. All you need is a genuine commitment to seeing this through and a simple 10 step process to follow. Believe me, you really can make the changes you want!

Career Change In Ten Easy Steps

  1. So what is the secret to success?

There is no magic answer that can just happen overnight, but if you follow the 10 steps I outline below, I guarantee that you will be well on the way to making the change to a career you will enjoy.

  1. Get your mindset right

Many attempts to change career fail because the underlying attitude hinders success. It is important that you commit from the beginning to having a positive approach. Treat your career change as an exciting project and any challenges you run up against will be the things that make the journey interesting.

  1. How have I been doing so far?

Look back over your career so far and consider how you got to this point in your career. Ponder made you choose your current line of work? Consider the bad points and the good points about your career to date? Did you take away lessons you can learn from the past?

  1. What am I selling?

A successful career change always involves a careful review of your skills, interests and values so that you know what you are ‘selling’ to future employers. If you are to be happy at in your job, you should be exploiting your natural talents and abilities and what you do should fit in with with your most deeply held values.

  1. What is my personality?

Understanding the kind of person you are is a really important part of the career change process and many career changers forget to consider it. If you are thinking about a new career that doesn’t match with your personality, you run the risk of ending up in a job that is unrewarding and frustrating.

  1. Do your research

Look out there at the world of work as well as looking at yourself. There are many jobs that don’t appear in careers listings. Take a proactive approach to seeking out new possibilities, consider jobs you might initially are outside your reach, and ask others about their jobs to broaden your thinking.

  1. Look at the results of all your research

Put the outcome of your self-review and your exploration of the world of work in a file and go back to it regularly. Ask yourself what career ideas feel right for you. Think about what you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail – what career dream would you pursue?

  1. Challenge the doubts

Yes, we all have our doubts, we all hesitate when faced with making a big career change. But these excuses are often just that – excuses. We return to them out of habit. Just imagine what it would be like if you just did it? I challenge you – for once in your life, take a bold step forwards!

  1. Take a creative approach to your search for work

Once you have chosen your new career direction, don’t just wait for the perfect job ad to appear. Go and seek it out. Take advantage of all the people you know, talk to your contacts, network, let everyone know what you are looking for. You are much more likely to find something if you take a proactive and creative approach.

  1. Update your CV or resume

Don’t just dust off the old resume and tweak it a bit. It will need a complete review so that you really focus on the skills that you will bring to the new line of work you are aiming for. Avoid simply telling them the basic facts – show the recruiter that you meet their requirements and be ready to promote yourself positively!

Do thorough preparation for the interviews you get

Make sure you get the last step right. When you get invited for interview you are nearly there! Be sure to have the evidence of your skills and qualities on the tip of your tongue, so you can prove that you have what your new employer is looking for. You have to start by really believing in yourself. If you don’t – can you expect them to?

Never forget that you are the only person who will make this happen. All you have to do is to write down the first step you will take – then go ahead and do it!

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