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july 2020 Tips to Make Your Move with Children Easier

Tips to Make Your Move with Children Easier

Regardless of the reasons for your move, be it a new job that you had to take, family changes, or maybe a bigger home for your growing family, one thing is for certain moving is tough. There is no way to sugarcoat this fact, as the amount of work you have to do will soon prove it right.

Imagine how tough this change of life is for children. Not only because soon they will have to adapt to a new environment, but also because the very process of removals is difficult and presents many hardships. It is easy for them to have feelings of loss, anger, anxiety and confusion, because they may not even be fully aware of the situation.

You need to develop the right attitude and provide support for your children, because they will need it during the relocation:

  • Talk about the move and give information to your children it is very important to talk about everything related to the move with your children. It does not matter what age they are, chances are they will have a ton of questions and inquire a lot why your family has to move, what is the new place like, what will happen to your current home. Always be honest with your children and never try to cover anything. What is more, you should even include them in discussions about the new home, how to execute the relocation effectively and basically anything they will soon be part of.
  • Stay on the positive side yes, moving house is tough. It means a huge change in life, and your children may not be too fond of it, to put it lightly. For this reason, instead of focusing on the difficulties and problems you will face, you should stay positive and present the benefits, because there are certainly many. Soon enough your children will meet new friends, visit exciting new places and discover a new world to hang out at. All of this should not be troubling, but instead viewed with anticipation. If you manage that, soon enough your children will expect the moving van with eagerness, not fear.
  • Include children in the move even if you feel like your children will only get in the way, it is important to make them part of the move. This is way better than leaving them unattended, as that will only isolate them and not help in any way. Instead you should have your children help with packing, labeling and even loading the boxes on the moving van. That will keep them occupied and help them get used to the whole process.
  • Remember to keep the essential items for your children nearby moving does not end with loading on the moving van. For this reason you should keep the items of big importance to your children nearby. This includes some clothes, food, favorite toys and practically everything they will need during the time of the move and immediately after that.

Moving is a stressful and tiring time for the whole family. Children are most vulnerable to such big changes and you should make sure they understand the situation in full and that everything goes according to plan.

Written by: Eva Henderson


About the Author:

Eva Henderson is a guest post and freelancer. She is writing on behalf of Removal Service London. She is passionate about Home Design and Interior. Relocating takes a big part in her life so she became a moving expert and knows best what you should load onto the moving van.

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  • John@CardboardBoxesSydney June 30, 2015  

    Include childrens in packing with you. Pack a treasure box. Give your child his own packing box that he can decorate with stickers and use for his favorite things. Take it in the car with you so he can keep it close.