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Tips for a Successful Interview

Tips for a Successful Interview

You created a blueprint (resume) of your solid work experience. Now you have an interview and it is time to outclass the competition. Polish up your vocalization skills, and prepare to build your foundation (interview) using good etiquette and people skills.

1. Remember there are NO second chances at first impressions so make your first impression is a lasting one. Always prepare for an interview by researching the company and position you are interested in.

2. Prepare open-ended questions to ask during your interview. You should also prepare for a variety of interview styles. Some interviewers may ask questions from a list (traditional) such as “Describe a typical work week,” however some prefer behavioral interviews. Behavioral based interviewing asks questions to find out how the interviewee reacted in specific job-related situations. Since you may not know what type of interview will take place prepare answers to traditional interview questions, and then think about some specific situations from work and projects you have worked on. These may help you frame your responses more specifically to the questions especially if it is a behavioral interview.

3. Have a practice interview, using your sample questions, in the mirror or with someone.
This can help you get rid of any jitters.

4. Plan your hairstyle and outfit out in advance. Do not try a new haircut or style less than a week before your interview. Go light with your makeup and jewelry selection, and do not wear any perfume, body sprays or oils, because you never know who might be allergic.

5. Color choice can have a great impact on your interviewer’s first impression. Depending on the position, be safe and wear a navy, dark gray or black dress, or suit with a white shirt/blouse. You can always add a little accent color (i.e. handkerchief, necklace, earrings) for personality, but do not go overboard.

6. Always arrive at least 10 minutes early to your interview. Always make eye contact, smile and speak when you encounter others at the company you are interviewing for. In addition to these things enter the interview room with enthusiasm, maintain an open posture, firmly shake the interviewer’s hand and introduce yourself using both your first and last name.

7. At the end of your interview reiterate your interest in the position and thank the interviewer (try to use his/her name) for meeting with you. You can ask for a time frame for filling the position and notifying candidates.

8. After your interview, you should follow-up a day or two later with a thank you letter or email, to your interviewer. This could help set you apart from the other applicants.

Written by; Jamacia Magee, Rust Built, Marketing Services

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