Six Single Mom Strategies For Success

Single parenthood has lots of examples to follow, because single-parent families are more common than ever. Currently, there are 10 million single moms, keeping up with the demands of work, home and personal life–single-handedly.

Here are some tips from women who have succeeded in this challenge:

Tip 1: Kill the guilt.

Reinvent what “good mother” means. Accept what you can and cannot do. Don’t struggle with the past. Make the best of what you have going for you right now. If necessary, find a counselor to work through the feelings of rejection, depression and grief.

Tip 2: Find a support system.

You may have parents who will keep the kids while you keep up with your friendships. If not, find a co-op or organize to trade sitting with a trusted friend or neighbor. A divorce support group will provide a safe place to air your feelings and grieve, which must be done in order to go forward.

Tip 3: Find quality child care.

This is still part of that support system, because good daycare workers will help you with behaviors, keep you updated, and be on your team when work hands you over-time.

Tip 4: Spend time with your kids.

Yes, you know what is next: quality, not quantity. But that just means that you are present with them, laughing, sharing and enjoying each other. Not in your own world and distant. Be with them in the moment. Cook together, watch funny programs on TV, do homework and eat popcorn.

Tip 5: Make time for you.

Here’s the “don’t feel guilty” sermon again. You have to recharge your batteries, in order to be there for everyone who depends on you. You can’t overflow your love to others, if you’re drained yourself. Set aside time to pamper yourself. Maybe a weekly spa-time, locking yourself away in the quiet of your bedroom/bath. Or, take a walk in the park. Exercise is crucial to handle the stress of always being “on” for others. Give yourself a break.

Tip 6: Work your professional development.

Leave the stress at the office, and don’t bring stuff from work to do at home. However, to advance your career (and increase your earnings), you have to make time for reading, online classes and networking. Your children will learn, from watching you that it takes effort to excel.

It seems to be a balancing act, and it really is. Keep your priority on your children, yourself and your health, and staying employed. Things will get better as time goes along. Pat yourself on the back, laugh a little and love a lot.

Written by: Ruby Mosely, Rust Built, Marketing Services

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