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Will a Trial Separation Save Your Marriage?

Will a Trial Separation Save Your Marriage?

Even happy marriages are difficult.  There isn’t a married couple out there immune to the many problems, disagreements, and hurt feelings that creep up in a marriage.  We often wonder what life would be like on the other side.  Many couples have used a trial separation to help decide if getting divorced is the right decision for them.  But, is separating the right method for you?

Learn what you will accomplish by using a trial separation to work out your marital issues.

Separation Will Seal It – One Way or Another!

When a true struggle is taking place in a marriage and one or both of you think you want out, a trial separation could give you the answer you’re looking for.

When we go along in a marriage and close our eyes to the real issues, nothing gets better. Unless there is a true effort being made, emotions will take over, and the one wanting out is going to want out even more. Just keep in mind, all marriages go through difficult times. However, if necessary, a trial separation will accomplish two things.

  • First, you’ll find out if you truly miss your spouse – you’ll start to feel sad, or begin to experience a sense of relief.
  • Second, you’ll find yourself thinking more clearly. In the end, you’ll be more capable of making a life-changing decision.

Written by: Janeen Diamond and Tia Sorensen, Expert Consultants, Save Your Marriage in 30

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