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The Options to Weigh When Facing Divorce

The Options to Weigh When Facing Divorce

When your husband comes to you with his request for a divorce, you have a decision to make.  Do you stay and fight for your marriage?  Or do you let go?  Learn what options our expert guest blogger suggests you weigh when faced with this decision.

Do You Have What It’s Going to Take?

If you have a reason to fight for your marriage — children in the home, money issues you can’t face alone, a life that you enjoy aside from your unhappy husband — then try to stay and work things out. Just know it’s going to take some major adjustments in your attitude and the way you interact with your husband. He will expect you to do everything in your power to make him want to be in the marriage.

If you have the courage and the energy to start over — you are self-sufficient, maybe your children are grown or at least have support from grandparents and other family members, or you wouldn’t mind a change in circumstances — then seriously consider going through with the divorce.

It’s pretty tough to stay in a marriage when one of you doesn’t want to be there. And it’s even harder when you feel like you have to stay. Hope for the best, but start preparing for the worst by getting your own life in order.

Written by: Janeen Diamond and Tia Sorensen, Expert Consultants, Save Your Marriage in 30

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