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Facing an Unwanted Divorce? Time to Take a Look Inside

Facing an Unwanted Divorce? Time to Take a Look Inside

When your husband wants a divorce, but you don’t – you’re obviously not on the same page. As today’s guest blogger shares with us – this is a sign that it’s time to take a look at yourself before battling or accepting the divorce your husband wants:

Take a Look Inside

If you are presented with an unwanted divorce, accepting it is a process that does not come easily.

I suggest you take the opportunity to look at what is broken in your marriage and what part you have in it. By doing so, you work on the one thing you have control over… yourself.

As you grow and change, your spouse will choose to stay or go. Either way, you will have begun to acknowledge your own pain as well as your part in the broken relationship. Whether the marriage is salvaged or ended, this will serve you well.

A key to looking at your part in a broken marriage is to recognize your fears and triggers. These are the things that often have you acting in ways that increase the friction in your relationships.

By learning more about yourself instead of pointing the finger at your spouse, you begin to change old patterns and thereby change the ‘dance’. Issues of boundaries, communication and respect as well as behaviors that erode trust and love often will surface during this process.

Written By:  Karen McMahon, Certified Divorce Coach, KM Life Coaching


These tips for introspection and self-improvement are perfect for anyone going through a divorce. Knowing yourself and identifying what you want from life can make the decisions you’re presented with much more clear.

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Rachel Frawley

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