How to Provide Reassurance to Your Children During Divorce

How to Provide Reassurance to Your Children During Divorce

We worry a lot about our children when we are going through divorce. As parents we want what is best for them and to make sure they know how loved they are. Our experts have provided us with a few suggestions on how to make the transition in family dynamic as easy as possible for our children.

What’s Going to Happen to Me?

The most common fear children have during the divorce process is “what’s going to happen to me?” During this time they will need constant reassurance, verbal and physical, that they are going to be ok. Kids can feel loyalty conflicts during this time so it’s very important for them to feel comfortable loving both of you without hurting your feelings.

Ed Moran, L.C.S.W., Clinical Social Worker, Family Centers Inc.

Steps to Success as a Newly Divorced Mom

Maintain as many traditions as possible, it’s hard enough when your kids are moving between two homes. Try to keep as many family traditions alive as possible. If you always did something special for birthdays, continue to do so. If you always went out for burgers on Thursday nights, and Thursday is no longer your night, change it to Tuesday night. Keeping traditions alive is comforting; will provide continuity for your kids; and will still be fun for you and the family.

Christine Clifford, CEO/President, Divorcing Divas, LLC

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