When He Wants ‘Out’ - It’s Your Chance to Shine

When He Wants ‘Out’ – It’s Your Chance to Shine

Have you, like most people, been convinced that your happiness is dependent upon the presence of someone “special” in your life? This belief is predicated on the notion that your happiness is the responsibility of the people in and the circumstances of your life. Happiness is not an event, it’s an “inside job” that requires you to have a healthy, grounded relationship with yourself.

To develop a healthier relationship with yourself requires an understanding that you cannot “fix” or “win back” people or situations. When you want to create solutions, the only remedy is to lead by example. This is extremely critical, especially if children are involved. Children learn by imitating and not through explanations.

If hubby wants out and is not giving you any indication that he wants to seek a resolution, bless him and set him free. That’s real love of the unconditional variety. It is also acknowledging, perhaps for the first time in your life, that you are responsible for your own happiness.

Written by: Jon Satin, Life and Relationship Coach


About the Author:

Jon Satin is a Life & Relationship Coach at The Possibility Coaches

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