Learn How to Transition from a Two-Parent Household

Learn How to Transition from a Two-Parent Household

Divorce is not something that a couple thinks about when they take their vows in marriage. Then when they are blessed with children, the idea of splitting them into two households is insane. Divorce creates so much pain for children because they love both their parents.

Here are some tips to help you transition from a two-parent household to being a single parent home:

  • Tip: Stop speaking poorly about your soon to be Ex. Your children don’t need to hear this poison, it only causes more pain.
  • Tip: Tell your children how special they are, what a Blessing they are and how much you Love them daily. Don’t ask a lot of questions or have a pity party. Just reinforce your love for them, and that you wanted to hear their voice. Pray for them and let them know all is well…
  • Tip: Don’t use your children as spies to find out what your “Ex” is doing. Your children are very smart, they don’t want to hurt either of you; so don’t hurt them.
  • Tip: If one parent has more finances then the other, don’t compete. Make your home a home! Keep it clean and neat. A messy environment creates an unhealthy environment. Keep your home bright, full of joy, inspiring music and remember to cook. Your kids will love this environment more than a big house with lots of toys.
  • Tip: Take care of yourself, when you’re happy your kids will be happy. Talk with your kids about positive issues, not the past. Also if you make them a promise keep your word.
  • Tip: This is the most important tip of all for mothers; your children are watching you more than their fathers. Children worry more about their mothers. If you jump into another relationship quickly, you may be setting a wedge between you and your children. A new relationship does not fix anything; it will just put more fuel on the fire. You must heal first before you step into a new relationship, or you will make the same mistake again.

Written By:

Peggy J, Author: When the break up has no makeup, its time to wake up!, Branded J Collections


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