We live in an era of specialization, and for good reason. Divorces and other family law matters are legal proceedings that are governed by specific Michigan law: statutes, case law and court rules. One should be represented by an attorney who is completely familiar with the law and procedure that must be followed.

There is a great need to proceed correctly as there is only one opportunity to achieve a desired result. Therefore, with contested issues to resolve, a litigant will face possible hearings and perhaps, trial and the necessity to submit supporting law to the court. There is a need for an experienced family law professional, who concentrates on these types of cases and who is well familiar with the courts, judges and staff of the courts where they carry on their practice.

At a time when you are too emotionally invested to always think and act objectively, you cannot rely on an unqualified attorney to represent your interests. There are documents to be drafted that cannot merely be copied from forms. Mistakes can be costly. There will be mediation and a need to effectively negotiate the client’s position in order to achieve a good settlement. Failing settlement, a trial will occur and the necessity for a skilled and experienced divorce attorney is an absolute.

This is an area where “one size does not fit all.”